About CR4ZY


Founded by Antonio Meic in 2016 following the purchase of the Binary Dragons CS:GO team, CR4ZY was formed. However, not under our current name and branding.

Originally called Valiance & Co., we rebranded to more accurately align with the nature of our organization and the gameplay our teams deliver.

To fit our nature as an organization, our team rosters have been very dynamic over the years but have always kept the same spirit. When watching any of our big matches, you can see that our teams are full of rising stars and dedicated professionals by the quality of gameplay we deliver.

We’re not just a dynamic as an organization, but also proven to be the kind of organization that propels great players even further, even if that means we take on more risk in the process.

We’re dedicated to our teams, and our fans, to make the games we compete in more fun to play, and to watch.

Our Mission


We relentlessly pursue the thrill of making it—inspiring fans to become the future stars of esports. We never lose. We win or we learn.

Our Vision


To become the definition of greatness in and beyond esports.