Behind the Video: The Making of Nemam Vremena

Feb 26, 2020

I bet you never could have imagined that CR4ZY would release a trap song like Nemam Vremena. Well, we did. Do you want to know how?
What happens when you let an American who doesn’t really listen to trap write your Croatian trap song with his girlfriend? Well… days of madness. However, writing isn’t the only thing that goes into a trap music video. That’s just the beginning of the process (in our case).

You’ll also need time, equipment, and talented videographers/video editors. On top of that, you need a sick beat, and someone with the voice to carry the song and give it soul.

Sometimes, things go smoothly. Other times it’s hard to put everything in place, in time. This video has been a true labor of love, with so many different people from CR4ZY, and outside the org, involved in the project.

We came up with the concept through a lot of ridiculous conversations, going more and more wild with the idea. Finally, it came to be what it is now. And we’re proud of the result.

If you never have time for everything because you’re always on the grind, then this trap song is dedicated to you, too. “Nemam vremena,” peace.