CR4ZY Joins the Fight Against COVID-19 by Participating in the WePlay – WeSave! Charity Play Event

Mar 17, 2020

CR4ZY has gladly accepted the invite to join the crusade against COVID-19 at the WePlay – WeSave! Charity Play event.

Recently, things have dramatically changed overnight. Our everyday lives have been interrupted by an invisible threat, and people have… raided the shelves of every store across the planet. Toilet paper has become some sort of commodity for the paranoid.

Clearly, people are panicked. Otherwise these reactions wouldn’t be happening so severely. In times like these, we all need something to take our mind off of this fear, something that will allow our lives to feel as normal as possible. Something that allows us to have fun, and come together as humans, something to give us courage while facing fear itself.

Because of this need for community and stability, we have gladly accepted the invitation from WePlay to participate, compete, and be a part of the WeSave! Charity Play event.

Our promising Dota 2 roster will be one of the 4 North American teams competing in this event against top-tier teams such as Team Liquid, Team Secret,, and many others. Although they are our competition, we couldn’t be happier to face them for such a great cause.

The WePlay – WeSave! Charity Play event is a charity competition raising money and awareness to combat the COVID-19 virus, while boosting morale among the esports community and online denizens.

The total prize pool of the event begins at $120,000, but every donation made during the stream will be added to the overall prize pool. All of which will be donated to help develop the vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

So, please, feel free to join us in donating to fight COVID-19, and watch the livestream as it happens. Because, in times like these, life must find a way to go on.