CR4ZY League of Legends Starts EBL Season 7 With a Win

Jun 23, 2020

The CR4ZY League of Legends roster secured their first win in Esports Balkan League Season 7 by convincingly beating ASUS ROG ELITE. It was the first-ever official League of Legends match for CR4ZY and we couldn’t be more proud of how it went.

CR4ZY League of Legends

This premier match in League of Legends went really well for our team. They managed to draft the picks they wanted (Ornn, Graves, Kassadin, Aphelios, Nautilus). Although the guys made some mistakes due to miscommunication, the game played out mostly as we planned.

DoubleAiM got an early advantage after the enemy jungler invaded, and he was able to sustain this advantage to the later stages of the game. By playing a smart macro game, we managed to constantly increase our gold advantage until the point when our enemies couldn’t hold us back anymore.

EBL Season 7

It was a great start of the new season for us but there are a lot of matches ahead. EBL Season 7 will be played in the double round-robin format after which we move on to the playoffs. In the next round we’re facing Crvena Zvezda Esports, on Thursday the 25th of June. You can watch all the matches live on Fortuna Esports and YouTube channels.