CR4ZY Merch: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Feb 28, 2020

Our org is known by many for a few things. A rebrand nobody understood (at the time) a killer CS:GO roster, and our CR4ZY merch. Since our rebrand and StarLadder Major run we’ve been asked by a lot of our fans when our CR4ZY merch is dropping. We wish we could have dropped the merch sooner, but we knew the wait would be well worth it.

We had to make sure the apparel we created was up to our internal quality standards and would be a line of clothing we were really proud to put out. It did take more time, but the quality of fabric, design, and production of the apparel are where we wanted them all along.

Of course, we didn’t want to put out a line of merch that wouldn’t be something we could see ourselves wearing, let alone our fans, on a daily basis. To get this done well, we took the time and contacted three of the best creators we know.

CR4ZY apparel is the combined project between three highly-skilled creators. Antonija Škugor—Graphic Designer, Tamara Ivić—Textile Designer/Apparel Production, and CHEZ 182—Street Artist.

Now, after months of silence, the wait is finally over. CR4ZY apparel is now available!