CR4ZY Part Ways With Rainbow 6 Roster

May 5, 2020

We entered Rainbow Six Siege esports with a clear goal ahead of us – qualifying for Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to achieve it. That means we are parting ways with our R6 roster.

After promising start in our R6 venture and winning ESL Premiership our team wasn’t able to replicate the same kind of success in R6 Challenger League. Although guys did their best this time it wasn’t enough. They played some amazing matches and showed great improvement but the reality is that only results matter in the end.

The decision was hard to make and we still believe that the team has great potential but we have to pursue goals we set for ourselves. We would also like to use this opportunity to thank them for everything they did during their time in CR4ZY.

Thank you

Max “Dats” McLachlan
Nathan “Nathan” Sharp
Jonas “Jonka” Kaczmarzyk
Peter “pacbull” Bull
Leo “M4DMAN” Kukielka

Ramiz “rcuth” Cuthbert

As an organization we are currently looking for other options regarding the Rainbow Six Siege. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing more of us soon. We’ll be announcing our steps in the near future.