We Proudly Present CR4ZY Podcast #1 With Antonio Meić

Apr 29, 2020

Tune into the first CR4ZY Podcast with Alen Šola (Head of Esports ) and Antonio Meić (CR4ZY CEO) on Wednesday 29th of April.

A lot of things happened in CR4ZY in the past several months. Who better to shed some light on everything that happened than Antonio Meić, the CEO of the organization. Antonio will be joining Alen Šola in the first CR4ZY Podcast ever.

CR4ZY duo will be discussing a lot of interesting topics throughout the podcast. Why we decided to sell the previous CS:GO roster? Why we chose to enter Rainbow 6 and Dota 2 instead of other games? What are the goals for CR4ZY in the future?

There will be special segment in which they will be also answering to your questions! So make sure to post them in the comments of the podcast announcement on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter.

Weekly CR4ZY Podcast

The first podcast will be streamed every week. Our goal is to provide our fans with valuable insights from CR4ZY but also esports in general. That means that we will be hosting variety of guests.

To make sure that podcast is offering something different every time we decided to split it into four different segments. Those are: Introduction, 15 Questions, Unpopular Opinion and Future of Esports.

CR4ZY Podcast will be happening once per week at 22:00 pm Central European Time on CR4ZY Twitch.tv channel so we can include our NA teams and players as well as the audience in that region.

VODs of the podcast will be available on Twitch.tv and CR4ZY YouTube channel, in case you missed any.

Suggestions and Critique

Nothing is perfect from the beginning and we are open to all suggestions and constructive criticism! Share your opinion with us online or send an email to info(a)cr4zy.gg! We will be going through them every week and do our best to provide you with interesting insights as well as entertain you!