CR4ZY Weekly Update #2 – The First Ever Podcast and Top 4 in BTS Pro Series

Apr 30, 2020

Just as we promised we’re bringing you the second CR4ZY Weekly Update! An eventful week is behind us in which we secured Top 4 Placement in Beyond The Summit Pro Series Americas but also didn’t manage to qualify for R6 Pro League.

CR4ZY Dota 2

In BTS Pro Series our Dota 2 roster finished in 4th place after losing to Thunder Predator 2:1. It was close series but the Thunder Predator managed to clinch it in the end. Unfortunately, we can’t be happy with the result in BEAT Invitational Season 9 in which we lost both matches in the nail-biting series. It just wasn’t our tournament to preform it seems like. The next challenge for our Dota 2 team will be EGB Isolation Cup for which we’ve secured a direct invite.

CR4ZY Rainbow 6

R6 Challenger League proved to be a much harder challenge than expected. After a slow start, we managed to keep the dream of R6 Pro League alive as long as we could. After losing to IziDream in both matches we lost every chance of advancing to the highest tier of R6 esports. Even tho we showed that we can compete and beat the best results weren’t consistent enough to achieve our goal. We’ll be announcing our next steps in Rainbow 6 Siege soon.


ESEA Advanced finally started. We lost the first match with the new lineup against Lilmix in the overtime 19:17. Season just started and we’ll finally have a consistent competing schedule. Besides that, we’ll be also competing in all the open and closed qualifiers we can get our hands on to keep improving.

CR4ZY Podcast #1 with Antonio Meić

The first-everCR4ZY Podcast premiered on 29th of April on CR4ZY ChannelAlen Šola and Antonio Meić (CR4ZY CEO) talked about many topics regarding the current COVID-19 situation and CR4ZY. As always, Antonio was very honest and straight forward in his answers while explaining the decision to pick up the non-Balkan team and enter other esports disciplines. You can watch the VOD of the podcast here and soon on CR4ZY YouTube. More details about the next podcast will be announced soon.

Watch CR4ZY Podcast #1 – CEO of CR4ZY Antonio Meić from CR4ZYlive on