CR4ZY Weekly Update #6

Aug 4, 2020

This week we have a lot of great news coming from all of our esports teams/disciplines. So, let’s get to it!

League of Legends

Our league of legends team is really on a streak! They remain undefeated (13-0), but beyond that, their results in the Esports Balkan League (EBL) have earned them a spot in EU Masters before the split has ended! What an achievement, a big congratulations goes to the CR4ZY Gaming House boys!

Even better is that two videos came out featuring Gabbo (The Best Plays from Gabbo) and the CR4ZY League of Legends Quiz. Do they know the game as well as you think they do?

And, one final bit of info from our LoL team is that the legend himself, the concurrent MVP, Gabbo, is celebrating his birthday tomorrow (August 5th), so make sure to leave him some birthday wishes!


What about CS:GO, you may ask? Well, the team is doing great! From a micro-perspective, we have some wins and some losses. From a macro-perspective, we’re among the top 50 teams in the world as ranked by HLTV (47th, to be exact)!

The team was competing in two tournaments until last week when they were eliminated from both Nine to Five #2, and Eden Arena: Malta Vibes Week 5.

Before being eliminated we managed to win against Level Up Esports even after one of our players was attacked by a dog in between rounds while he went to do something outside.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t follow-up that win with another win, but now the team has time to rest, take a vacation, and celebrate the progress they’ve made in such a short amount of time (the roster in its current form has only existed since May).

Dota 2

On the other side of the Atlantic, our Dota 2 legends have dropped one spot in the ESL rankings but climbed to the top 4 of the Group Stage at The Great American Rivalry Division 1 Season 1.

We managed to win our way to the semi-finals in the upper playoffs bracket at The Great American Rivalry, but ended up losing 2:0 to Quincy Crew and dropping to the lower playoff bracket (semi-final spot).

Our fight for the grand final continues tonight against 4 Zoomers, so let’s do this and earn our rematch against Quincy Crew!

That’s all for this week, but stay tuned for more excitement and surprise. Who knows what could happen by next week (hopefully no more attacks from wild animals). #gocr4zy!