CR4ZY Weekly Update #3 – R6 Goals, CR4ZY Podcast and More

May 7, 2020

It’s time to look back once again and address everything that has been happening with CR4ZY in the past week. The biggest update being parting ways with our Rainbow 6 team.

CR4ZY Rainbow 6

At the beginning of 2020, we decided to double-down on esports. We entered two new disciplines with one of them being Rainbow Six: Siege. Solid structure, vibrant community, and constant growth are the main reasons we decided to join that esports instead of others and R6 didn’t disappoint.

As always, we set our goals high – R6 Pro League. Young UK roster then playing for MnM Gaming proved to have everything we were looking for in the team – dedication, hard work, potential, charisma, and more. Before the start of the qualifiers for R6 Challenger League and ESL Premiership guys went to bootcamp, they worked with a sports psychologists and a team manager, all the things we believe are necessary for achieving our goals. Unfortunately, we had to adapt our plans because of COVID-19 outbreak, players played from home and they continued to work with everybody from the organization online.

Because of some unfortunate missteps, not being consistent enough and some unlucky rounds we ended up 6th in the Challenger League. Far away from the Top 2 which was our goal. With all the uncertainty in esports, but also in the world in the general right, we didn’t have much room for maneuver.

The team shared our goals. We have no doubt in our minds that guys did their best but this time it wasn’t meant to be. Even tho for some it may seem like everything happened in just a couple of months, for us it was a long term project. Rainbow 6 still is and will be, just in some other fashion.

Esports means competition on every level, not just the servers. If you truly want to be at the top then you have to be prepared to make necessary changes to do so. And that’s why we’re here. To be at the top.

Stay tuned for our next steps regarding R6 Esports.

CR4ZY Podcast #2 – Everything Dota 2 with Dominik “Lacoste” Stipić

In CR4ZY Podcast #2 Alen was joined by Lacoste, Croatian Dota 2 caster and analyst who had the opportunity to compete, and commentate the biggest esports event in the world – The International. You can check out the VOD below and soon enough on our YouTube Channel as well.

Watch CR4ZY Podcast #2- Dominik “Lacoste” Stipić Dota 2 Analyst & Caster from CR4ZYlive on