dERZKIY: The Driver

Feb 19, 2020

Meet Igor “dERZKIY” Radosavlevich. dERZKIY is a professional CS:GO player who is joining the CR4ZY team as 2nd entry/lurker. His love for the game began when he started playing CS 1.6 in 2011. He played other games before, mainly GTA V and similar games in PC clubs, but nothing really compared to CS. He thinks it’s a cool game which is really interesting and likes the kind of teamwork the game demands.

When asked by our head of content if he would go pro in any other games, he made it clear CS:GO was his one true love. However, he followed this question up by saying if he weren’t a pro CS:GO player he would like to be a driver. So, maybe in 10 years we’ll see him on the racetrack, or as a Euro Truck Simulator pro, who knows?

Currently, though, he is fully focused on CS. He uses teams like Astralis as a role model of how to play, how to act, and how to succeed. When asked what he would do to become a team like Astralis he said, “First of all, a team got to show stable results, you have to have a fixed schedule and think about the game a lot. We also should be psychologically stable and play a lot.” So, he definitely has his priorities set straight to achieve greatness.

To end it on a high note, he told us his goals for the team:

“The main goal is to get to the top 30. Big goal is to become a stable team, the best team.”

We definitely think they can do it. Do you?