dOBRIY: Disciplined 1st Entry

Feb 19, 2020

Meet Roma “dOBRIY” Rusak. A 21-year-old professional CS:GO player who will be playing for CR4ZY as 1st entry/lurker.

His experience in Counter-Strike comes from a year of playing 1.6 until he was able to upgrade his PC and start playing CS:GO. He’s been playing CS:GO for around 5 years now, and came from the world of professional football, where he played for the Minsk team on a very high level.

Although football and CS:GO may not appear to have many similarities, dOBRIY believes that the one key takeaway he brought to CS:GO from football is his sense of discipline. During our interview with dOBRIY, he told us, “Discipline is the most important thing. How to structure everything, do stuff consistently every day, not just randomly.”

Ultimately, he chose CS:GO over football, but believes you should do what feels right for you. When asked if he believes other young people from the CIS region would choose Counter-Strike over football, he only had this to say:

“I think it’s just about the feeling, what feels better to you. I think for me it’s CS. 100%, because before I was done with football, I felt like I was more happy when I played CS. When I’m winning something—tournaments—[I like that feeling] way more than when I’m running in football.”

So, do what feels best for you. If that’s football, then choose football. If that’s CS, or Rainbow Six, or Dota 2, you do your thing. Life is about working hard and having fun, so dedicate yourself to something you enjoy and the work won’t ever feel like work.