Follow CR4ZY’s Social Profiles and Win Some Juicy Merch

Feb 19, 2020

The new direction for CR4ZY also means we are venturing into some new and interesting spaces. Don’t worry, we will still be active on our well-known social media channels Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook (yeah, we’ll still there, astounding, right?) with dank memes, regular updates, and everything important and related to the CR4ZY org and our teams. Trust us, we planned a lot of great things for you guys!

CR4ZY Goes to CIS

But that’s not enough. From now on we will also be available on VK. Our CS:GO squad is a proud CIS team and we plan to nurture that. They will be competing in the CIS qualifiers and tournaments. To allow the fans the best possible insight and connection to the players, and the team, we will be regularly active on VK in Russian, thanks to the knowledge and amazing skills of our new Social Media Manager—Viv! 

Join Our Public Discord

And, that’s not all. As we want to be available and in touch with our fans as much as possible you can always find all of us on the public CR4ZY Discord. Whether you want to talk to us, hype us up, criticize us, or just follow the matches with other fans, join our Discord and be up to date with everything that is going on! 

Cringe Is the New Sexy

For all of you who made it to the end of the article, we have a special surprise! Spread the word, cringe is the new sexy, or at least they say something like that. If you wanna laugh with us, at us, or laugh in general, make sure to follow us on the official CR4ZY TikTok. It’s true, go check it out. We know you’re thinking “OK, Boomers” but you just wait and see!

A LOT of you asked us about the official CR4ZY merch shop. You’ll be happy to hear there will be plenty of chances to win some of that nice, juicy, clothing! The first giveaway, and much more, is just around the corner. Our merch launch follows soon after, so make sure to check back regularly.