Johnta: The Coach With the Plan

Feb 19, 2020

Johnta. A name that you’ll be hearing a lot more in the future. A man who was a pro player in CS 1.6 and is now the current coach of CR4ZY’s CS:GO team. We believe he’s the perfect coach to achieve our goals this year—and for good reason.

Did you know he was an entrepreneur? He comes from a background of CS, but has a wealth of business knowledge as well, which gives him a good competitive edge and greatly benefits our org. He retired from playing 1.6 in 2010 when he saw the scene decreasing in popularity, and went into business. After opening a clothing and shoe brand and running it for 5 years, he left to enter CS:GO. He made this decision after having a beer with his friend Yegor Markilov many of you know as markeloff, and realizing his newly-found skills would be very useful in esports. A few months later he became his team’s coach and that’s when the ball started rolling.

However, he isn’t just happy to be a part of the esports industry. In his free time, he loves wakeboarding and snowboarding and even opened an equipment retailer for wakeboarding and snowboarding.

He still has the dream to be involved in extreme sports stating that, “I was actually a pretty okay coach in wake and water sports because I know how to do some tricks. When you’re on the lake with people who don’t know how to do stuff, there’s always an atmosphere when you give some tips, and I was doing pretty good there. So, maybe I would be a coach in water sports.”

What he loves about extreme sports is what he loves about esports. And I definitely agree.

“This is the best thing about all this stuff. It’s community-based—all the people around you enjoy just being with people who are in this.”