Meet the CR4ZY League of Legends Team

Jun 6, 2020

The new chapter for us has just started! We are proud to announce that we will be competing in the League of Legends in the summer split. That also means that we are welcoming amazing new players into the org.

CR4ZY League of Legends

The time has come for us to claim the spot of the biggest esports organization in the region. One of the most frequently asked questions since the beginning of CR4ZY is – When are you going to make LoL team? The answer is now.

CR4ZY League of Legends team will be competing in the next season of Esports Balkan League in which Top 2 teams advance to EU Masters. We are expecting nothing less than the first place in EBL and a strong showing on the European stage. These are the guys that will wear our jerseys for the upcoming split

CR4ZY League of Legends

Gabriel “Gabbo” Olivieri
Aleksa “DoubleAiM” Stanković
Török “Meight” Máté
Miljan “Plox” Mandić
Oskar “Raxxo” Bazydło

Thomas “Phoma” Kifle

That’s it for now. We have a lot of great stuff coming your way which we will be ready to show you in the upcoming weeks. It feels good to be home.

The first chance to see the guys in action will be after the 22nd of June when the new season of Esports Balkan League starts.