Psycho: The New CR4ZY IGL

Feb 19, 2020

Every team in the pro CS scene needs a good in-game leader. Finally, we’re announcing ours. Meet Alexandr “Psycho” Zlobin, CR4ZY’s new IGL. Psycho’s experience with CS comes from playing CS 1.6, like his teammates.

His career really improved a lot when he joined the Windigo Academy team and played with Sergiz. The two were looking for other players to make a Ukraine-only team, but after testing players from other countries decided on dOBRIY and dERZKIY. “We played together and it went well. We enjoy playing together and we will try our best to win.”

Cohesiveness is a definite must in any functioning team. Without the ability to work together well, everything goes to shit quickly. Trusting your coach is also a must to succeed.

When asked what Johnta’s role is in the team, Psycho said,

“Johnta has a plan, we work together under his guidance. He has a lot of ideas that we like. I think we’ll make it well with him behind us because we trust in him.”

We trust him too. And, with this sort of confidence and trust in each other, this team has the fixings to be a recipe for success.

After all, Psycho’s dream is to achieve rank 1 as a team. Dream big.