SENSEi: The Sharpshooter

Feb 19, 2020

How is it that we have a team with so many former football players who all got hooked on CS by playing 1.6? Dmitry “SENSEi” Shvorak, joins CR4ZY as our sniper. He began playing CS with 1.6 and was also a football player like a decent amount of his teammates.

However, unlike a lot of his colleagues, he played a few other competitive games, one of them being Dota: Allstars. He didn’t really play Dota: Allstars competitively, but casually—he played for the fun of it as a lot of us do.

His legacy with CS began because of his brother, who both encouraged him to play and supported his esports dreams. 

“I started out with my friends for fun, but then joined several clans, you know the ones you had like 15 members at least. Then I saw myself having some progress in 1.6, switched to CS:GO some time after the release and played it.”

His parents, on the other hand, didn’t support him in the beginning, wishing he would focus his energy on his studies. Because of this, he had certain restrictions he had to abide by. “When I was 14 years old, they prohibited me from playing until late in the night, because I had studies the next day. They said that getting an education is crucial for everyone.”

We agree. It’s important for players to have dreams and aspirations outside of just being professional esports athletes. When the game ends, it’s important to have something else to dedicate your life to, at least for the time being and a new dream develops.

Currently, though, his dream is this: “At least get top 30 HLTV with my team, but also get into the best 20 players of the year.”

We think that’s possible, do you?