Sergiz: Devoted to the Game

Feb 19, 2020

Meet Sergey “Sergiz” Atamanchuk. He joins CR4ZY with years of both CS 1.6 and CS:GO experience under his belt. He’ll be playing as 1st entry/2nd AWP for our team, and is clearly dedicated to his role.

He started playing CS 1.6 when he was really young.

“I started playing competitively in 2014—I started to devote a lot of time to CS, learning everything I could to be a pro player.”

However, like a lot of parents, his parents didn’t really believe in esports until they were proven wrong. “My mother and father were not so satisfied with me playing a lot of time on the PC and getting nothing in return (that’s what they thought). When I won my first LAN tournament and they saw the money, they started supporting me and cheer for me. My brother supported me from the start.”

Sometimes it just takes a cool older brother to support your dreams. Parents take a little longer to convince, but it’s siblings who truly understand each other, and each others’ dedication to their dreams.

He’s followed his dream up until today, and focuses all of his energy on CS:GO. Other than CS, he doesn’t have any real hobbies, because he loves the game so much.

When asked who is the best in clutch situations on the team, he responded honestly, “When I’m playing a clutch, I don’t have a problem like I don’t believe in myself, I just go all-in and that’s all. Somehow it works.”

Believe in yourself, and go all-in.