We Are The Champions Of Fortuna VALORANT Invitational

May 25, 2020

After intense action over the weekend we managed to win Fortuna VALORANT Invitational after beating Energypot Wizards in the grand finals with 2-1.

CR4ZY Valorant

CR4ZY VALORANT team them4niac, SmurfSt0mper, doma, lancemi, killing god secured the first-ever VALORANT tournament win for the organization last weekend.

The tournament didn’t start that well for our team. They lost the opening match against Energypot Wizards and ended up in the lower bracket. With no room for a mistake they stepped up their game and won the whole thing.

The grand finals were very close but the guys maintained the composure and closed it out with 2-1. Congratz once again on an amazing performance our team and GG to The Last Dance, ŠAIM SE and Energypot Wizards.