Who Is the Most Likely Challenge R6 IRL Edition

Mar 26, 2020

We asked our Rainbow Six: Siege team to take on a challenge that would determine how well Rcuth (Ramiz Cuthbert, their coach) knows about CR4ZY’s R6 players.

While the team was at bootcamp, they spent a lot of time together and worked daily with sports psychologist, Sanja. Whenever the team took on one of these challenges, she was there beside them participating in each challenge as well.

Rcuth was asked to answer who is the most likely to kill another person? Who is more likely to get married and have kids first? Who is most likely to take Sanja on a date, and who is the most likely to get arrested?! Sometimes he was shocked by a question he had to answer, and his facial expressions are priceless!

Watch the video to find out all these answers, and learn some shocking facts about our Rainbow Six: Siege lads!